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my first blog

Well, this is my first blog entry. Kinda neat but kinda unsure of what I am doing at the same time! Had some trouble just setting up the blog to begin with. I could not set up the blog using Internet Explorer, never did get that to work. So on to Firefox, that worked for me but now I have the the new challenge of getting used to Firefox (funny how we can be so resistant to change and prefer the familiar even when it doesn’t always work for us). Nothing boring around here, but I will need to remember this challenge and the frustration it caused as my students may also encounter these same challenges and frustrations in learning their way around as well. I do currently read a few blogs, mostly for personal interest, and even realized when I looked a little closer that I was in fact following a blog when for some reason I had thought I was just reading a website. Also one of my favourite blogs is accessed through a website for a newspaper and that is probably what threw me off. Well I guess I will officially be a blogger once I hit the “Publish” button! This will be a new adventure for me for sure. Looking forward to it and I am already enjoying writing this way. Oh I see how easily this could become an addictive pass time for sure! My goal for this blog is to create a virtual library cabinet for all my teaching resources, be it articles, links, pictures, videos, activities, ideas from others etc, in one place that is not cluttering up my office space and can be shared easily with others. I think it will also be interesting to see the progression of what I choose to ‘collect’ over time as my experience grows and technology changes.


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