My Top 10 List as an Online Learner

Here is my Top 10 list of my needs when I am learning online;

  • Easily navigated LMS with course navigation instructions
  • Simple course layout with clear layout of assignments and due dates
  • Very clear expectations for assignments (rubrics work great for me so that I can recheck as often as I like to make sure I have completed the assignment correctly)
  • Sense of community amongst the students and instructor
  • Up to date resources (articles, videos, etc) with links that work properly
  • An instructor who is visible online, available when needed and provides timely feedback
  • Scaffolding assignments – I like to be able to produce something as a result of my learning
  • Visuals – I really appreciate a video that can relay a theory etc, this works better than reading for me (even though I am a reader and love books), it just brings it all together for me
  • A quiet place to study and prepare my assignments (I know it must be the boomer in me)
  • Learning from others and sharing information (learned a lot from the group project last course)

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