Who are My Learners

My learners are individuals that are completing the Certified Manager Development Program (CMDP) at Panago Pizza Inc.

There are two distinct types of individuals that complete this program;

  • New franchisees that need the Certified Manager certification to be able to complete the purchase of their store and begin operating their location.
  • Individuals who have been approved by Panago Pizza to become a Certified Manager and run a store in place of a Franchisee as each location is required to have a full time Franchisee or a Certified Manager in place.

The CMDP program is a blended learning program. The program includes in-store training and one week of classroom sessions.  Also included in this program is a workbook that covers theory, practice and application of skills and systems learned which will become the online course.

Who my learners are;

  • Varying levels of experience in the foodservice industry
  • Varying levels of business experience
  • Range in age from 21 to mid 50’s
  • 65% male, 35% female
  • Varying levels of education, from high school to university degrees
  • Approximately 40% will be from a professional background
  • At least 40% will be ESL with different levels of English proficiency
  • From diverse cultures
  • Certified Manager candidates will have 3+ years of Panago experience
  • 30% plus of Certified Manager candidates will become Franchisees within 2 – 5 years
  • Varying levels of technology experience

I do receive information about each candidate before they enter the program. This information includes their resume, interview information and personality profiles if they are new franchisees. This information helps me to understand each candidate individually. I have found this to be a benefit at times but I also have to be careful not to make any assumptions based on what I am reading. I find if I use it as just that, information, and don’t form any preconceived notions or biases, I am more open to who they are as individuals. I also have the opportunity to talk with the candidates on the phone to set up their training program so we are able to start developing a relationship at that time.

Some of the signs that I have identified that a candidate may be struggling are that there is a change in their behavior (whatever that may be), they miss a checkpoint, lack of communication, fall behind in assignments, provide general and not specific answers, lack of participation, not engaged in store operations, arrive late for training or assignments are incomplete.

As new franchisees have a financial investment and completing the program is required before they can start operating their location, I see these signs in less than 5% of candidates. I do however see these signs in the Certified Manger candidates more often.


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