WordPress on iPad

I have just downloaded the WordPress app for my iPad. So this is my first post using my iPad! I love my iPad and continue to explore and be amazed at how I can use my iPad for teaching.It seems like the possibilities are endless. I am amazed to see how iPads are being used in the classrooms – from elementary to university. The list of avialable apps for the classroom grows everyday and it is so tempting to try more, however how many apps does a person need.

The newest apps I added today are; Good Reader (this looks like a great app for reading text and compiling notes easily), Voice Thread (has a great 1 minute video to show you how to creae a Voice Thread), Keynote (for making presentations and videos), and CNN (great for research and keeping up to date)

I think what I an enjoying most about the iPad is it’s mobility and the intuitive way that it works. I can now be anywhere and read, study or post to my blog! How amazing! I also have my textbooks and additional books for research in my iBooks app and I can fit it all in my purse. Gone are the days of having piles of books and a heavy backpack!

Will keep you posted as I discover more great apps, etc.


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