articles to keep

The first article I put away is an article written by Stephen Brookfield titled What Students Value in Teachers (2006). I found this article helped to keep me focused on what students value in their teachers and not get caught up in “getting it right”.

Another article I found by Stephen Brooksfield is titled The Getting of Wisdom: What Critically Reflective Teaching is and Why it’s Important.

Ten Best Practices for Online Teaching – J. V. Boettcher (2011)

Characteristics of Adult Learners with Implications on Online Design by Kathleen Cercone

Ideas for Active Online Learning

Social Network Sites

Blended Learning and Sense of Community by Alfred Rovai

Establishing an Online Teaching Presence – Duquesne University

How to Survive Virtual Group Work –

How to Design Online Group Work Activities by Mary Bart in Online Education

Group Development

Group Roles: Maximizing Group Performance

5 Stages of Group Development – Learning Development Resources

Hidden Web Tools – 11 tools for your classroom

Online Assessment

Building from Content to Community: (Re) thinking the Transition to Online Teaching and Learning

11Strategies for Managing Your Online Courses

Applying the Seven Principles for Good Practice to the Online Classroom

Assessing Group Work

Developing Objectives and Relating them to Assessment (one of my favourite articles as I was developing objectives for my online course)


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