ideas for icebreakers

Was looking for some ideas for ice breakers today and found some good links.

I liked the link for Building Learning Communities as the ideas were posted by actual online instructors. They are their tried and trues, much like sharing recipes.

3 More Good Ideas for Ice Breakers

I especially like the Memory Lane activity and think it could be great fun and easy to do.

1) Shopping Trip

Objective: To encourage the students to get to know who they are studying with. What is their colleagues ‘priority’ when it comes to spending $50,000 on anything they want, guilt free.

Delivery: Blog or Discussion Board.

Process: The students will post information about what they will spend their £50,000 on. Depending on the age and background of the students as to whether you get a lot of property/mortgage replies or cars and holidays. If applicable, ask for links and photos of examples to demonstrate what they are looking to ‘buy’.

2) Truth

Objective: Students learn, often by trial and error and much laughter, two interesting facts about a colleague, and one untruth.

Delivery: Discussion Board.

Process: Student list three ‘interesting’ things about themselves. Two must be facts and one must be untrue. Other students must vote to determine which is a lie.

3) Memory Lane

Objective: Since online students are diverse in age as well as background and location, it is good to close any generation gap that might exist and otherwise be a disadvantage when working together online.

Delivery: Blog (best) or Discussion Board.

Process: Ask the students to list three major world events that happened the year in which they were born, then have the other members guess the year and post a short response on whether they remembered the events or had never heard of them.


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