my ebooks

I have found and downloaded a number of ebooks onto my iPad which I will use for reference. The first few are the suggested textbooks for the Certificate in Online/eLearning Instruction and the remainder are suggested books and books that I have found at iBook. It is very easy and in fact probably easier to start collecting ebooks then it is to collect paper books. Only difference is that the ebooks only take up room on your iPad and not physical space in your home or office.

Education for a Digital World – Commonwealth of Learning (2008)

Elearning Concepts and Techniques – Bloomburg University (2006) this book is only available in soft copy so I bought the PDF

Theory and Practice of Online Learning – Athabasca University

Educating the Net Generation  (2005) by Diana Oblinger and James Oblinger– Educause book: useful ideas about adapting education


Purchased ebooks

The Online Teaching Survival Guide (Simple and Practical Pedagogical Tips) (2010) by Judith V. Boettcher

Effective Online Teaching (Foundations and Strategies) (2011) by Tina Stavedes

E-Moderating (2011) by Gilly Salmon

Designing Successful e-Learning (2007) by Michael W. Allen

Building Online Learning Communities (2007) by Rena M. Palloff


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