notes & things to remember

ADDIE Design Map

I am adding the ADDIE Design map here as I will want to refer to it when I am designing my course.

“Instructor Presence” ideas from my classmates

Here is a list of ideas of ways to increase instructor that my classmates posted on our discussion forum.

  • sharing your interests, photos, stories and travels with students to create a more personalized approach
  • Weekly Word – whether in a video, audio, announcements, etc – having a weekly presence to update the class on what is happening this week, recap of previous week, etc.
  • being actively involved in discussion forums
  • role modeling the behaviour we expect from our students (prompt return of emails, being present when scheduled, etc)
  • weekly feedback sessions – having Skype or ooVoo online sessions with participants to provide feedback and check in with students
  • using Elluminate or webinar
  • providing weekly/monthly tips (tid bits)
  • walk the talk – instructors must walk the talk and share your learning process and works
  • myths & facts – use a myth & facts format as an icebreaker around course material

Link to action verbs for learning objectives

Great link to a list of action verbs for Bloom’s Taxonomy – these will come in handy:)



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